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What's New on Nexialist News


Added the Virtual World Photo Album here (there is also a link at the bottom of the main VWE page)


Lots of small updates all over the place, mostly updating some minor things that got out of date.

Added some new links to the links page.


I've added my GDC 1999 presentation "Dealing With Large 3D Worlds" to the Papers & Presentations section.  This contains a Microsoft Powerpoint presentation and a Word document converted to HTML.  Please let me know if you run into any problems viewing these on non Microsoft browsers.

I've started a section on Location Based Entertainment centers which will be added to as time goes by.

The page on Virtual World Entertainment has had it's pictures converted to thumbnails for faster loading.  In the near future a number of new pictures will be added and the existing ones made available in higher resolution.

My projects page has been updated with information on what I've been doing at Sony R&D (that I can talk about).

The links page has had a few additions and a bit of reformatting.


FINALLY....An update....

Papers & Presentations has been added to the main page which contains links to the Game Developers Conference tutorial slides as presented by me and Dave McCoy of Microsoft's X-Box group.


Added the new "front page" with the Kangaroo Crossing sign.

Began revising the main table of contents, still under construction.

Combined background information on me, Milo and Kangaroo and some other frequently asked questions into one General Information page.


Updated the Resume to show my new job.

Added some information on why I left NEC Electronics.

Updated my current employment and availability information.


Added a new Nexialist News article on web forms and name/address data collecting


Added two of the best Dilbert books (not comic strip reprints, but his books about business) to the bookstore.


Added two new movies to the movie store.

Added the first article to Nexialist News