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Virtual World Entertainment Photo Album

This page contains a collection of pictures from Virtual World Entertainment locations and games.  I've tried to give credit for each photo's creator where I know it.  If you see something of yours and would like to have it properly credited.  Please E-Mail me and I'll put up the proper credit as soon as possible.  Click any of the pictures for a full sized version, many of these are quite large, so beware if you're on a slow connection.

Concept and High-end-rendered Artwork


RPConcept.JPG (35170 bytes)

Early concept art for the Red Planet environment.  A combination of 3d rendering and digital painting by Dave McCoy

Asp.JPG (79834 bytes)

Mech Pilot Asp poses with her Vulture Mech in the service bay.

Viper.JPG (92511 bytes)

Mech Pilot Viper poses with her MadCat mech just prior to a sortie.

ground floor.JPG (109670 bytes)

From the VGL History.  I didn't know that being in on the ground floor of a new organization meant that they would build the rest of the building on my back.



BTPoster.JPG (39967 bytes)

BattleTech Poster

RPPoster.JPG (48740 bytes)

Red Planet Poster

PasadenaPaper.JPG (48247 bytes)

Pasadena Opening Poster

PilotsConvention.JPG (52164 bytes)

Virtual World Cup (worldwide competition)

SuperSlags.JPG (76748 bytes)

Red Planet Master Trials Poster (that's Weird Al Yankovic)



TeslaBP.JPG (81467 bytes)

Tesla Cockpit Blueprint

Wiseguys.JPG (96785 bytes)

Map of Red Planet Course "Wiseguy's Wake" note cartographers rally races were held for each new course and the winner got to name it. (upper right)

Shots From the Players Manuals


Pilot Manual 1.JPG (262682 bytes)

A collage of BattleTech game shots and pictures of the programmers and "Tip of the Spear" group who installed, supported and serviced sites.

Pilot Manual 2.JPG (263280 bytes)

The other half of the collage, includes the art staff, office staff and executives of the company.

Pod in Bay 1.JPG (201567 bytes)

Beauty Shot of the Tesla Pod in the Chicago launch bay.

General Site Pictures


SummaryPic.JPG (172664 bytes)

Summary picture for San Diego "Hazard Center" site

Vgl1.jpg (72411 bytes)

The lounge area in one of the VGL sites.

VGLAccInv.JPG (67479 bytes)

Site of an interdimensional travel accident investigation in one of the site.

VGLBriefingEntr.JPG (56296 bytes)

Entrance to the briefing room at the canada site.

VGLCounter1.JPG (81433 bytes)

The reservation counter at the entrance to one of the sites.

VGLCounter2.JPG (57258 bytes)

Merchandise Counter

VGLLibrary1.JPG (77906 bytes)

A feast for the hungry pilots set up in the VGL library

VGLLibrary2.JPG (69554 bytes)

The library in another site, complete with globe and surgery lamp

VGLLounge.JPG (85393 bytes)

The main lounge, complete with Victorian explorer's club theme.

Mission Review Area


VGLMissionReview1.JPG (58608 bytes)

Mission Review

VGLMissionReview2.JPG (70467 bytes)

Mission Review in Las Vegas Site

Launch Bay Pictures


VGLLaunchingArea.JPG (41766 bytes)

A Launch Bay with system 3 pods.

VGLOps-Launch.JPG (73427 bytes)

Launch Bay with System 2 cockpits

Misc Props and Theme Elements


Fred.JPG (50339 bytes)

"Fred" a dinosaur skull found on one of the VGL scouting missions

VGLProp1.JPG (52064 bytes)

Model of a MadCat mech from BattleTech