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Current Employment & Consulting Availability

I am currently a full time employee of Sony Computer Entertainment America in Foster City California (San Francisco Bay Area).  I am an "at-will" employee with no term commitment, exclusivity or non-compete agreements from Sony or past employers.  Aside from a number of non-disclosure agreements, I currently have no other legal obligations that would restrict my current or future employment.  As my employment with Sony is full time, my availability is limited to short-term consulting or advisory jobs, product reviewing or other low-intensity projects which do not create a conflict of interest with my Sony job.

At this time, I plan to remain at Sony long term as many of their goals coincide with mine.  Of course, like anyone, I could always be tempted by a sufficiently interesting opportunity, but at the moment I have no plans to leave Sony.

I'm working in Sony's Research & Development labs developing new tools and techniques related to Playstation II (PS2), Sony's on-line offerings and future generations of Playstation platforms (Playstation 3?).  Our end goal in this lab is to enable the creation of new forms of computer based entertainment and assist in the development of future Sony Computer Entertainment products.  

As a part-time activity, I would be interested in writing a column or doing product reviews for technology oriented publications.  As always, I'm particularly interested in talking to anyone working on multiplayer Location Based Entertainment projects similar to the ones I did at Virtual World Entertainment.

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