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Web Resume Greg Corson

I have been in the computer business for over 25 years.  During that time I have had the opportunity to work on a wide variety of computer projects including databases, publishing, graphics, single/multiplayer games, location based entertainment, on-line games, semiconductor engineering and bulletin board systems.  At every company where I've worked I have a reputation for being an excellent systems designer, information gatherer and troubleshooter.  This work has been done at various times as an employee, a consultant and an independent contractor.  I have also operated my own company Kangaroo Koncepts, Inc. which handles most of my private projects and consulting. For a fairly complete list of my past projects, go to my projects page.  Because of the diversity of the work I've done, it is difficult to produce a brief resume and still cover all the important aspects, I apologize for this.  The web version of my resume is designed so you can browse the areas of  interest to you easily, without waiding through large amounts of information.  Because I don't know who will be reading this resume, no attempt has been made to target it to a particular industry (which makes it longer).   If you would like an easily printable version of this resume click on one of the following links: Word 97 version, plain text version (unformatted).  Both links include a copy of the projects list, but do not include the extra info from the "do you want to know more" links on this page.

Employment Goals

I have a considerable number of fields I'm interested in, but my primary interests include high-level jobs in game development, location based entertainment, multimedia, 3D graphics, telepresence, R&D into new computer applications and developing computer based consumer products.  A particular interest is that the job involve creating an actual complete product or prototype.  Producing partial systems such as components which other people/companies will use to build a product are of less interest, but it would depend on the specific opportunity.  I enjoy working with extremely complex and challenging systems design and would welcome a job that requires that kind of complexity.   I also enjoy, and have experience working in, product development cycles that directly involve the general public as a part of the process.

Work History

1999-Current: Sony Computer Entertainment America
Software Engineer, Research & Development Labs

One of a number of Software Engineers (that's the title of everyone in the lab but the managers) working on advanced applications and technologies for Sony Computer Entertainment.  At the moment we deal primarily with Next Generation Playstation (aka: Playstation II) related work, developing technology demonstrations, techniques and tools that stretch the capabilities of this platform to it's limits.  Our long term goals involve creating new kinds of computer-based entertainment, improving the quality of computer based entertainment and eventually assisting in the development of computer entertainment platforms beyond the Next Generation Playstation.

1997-1999: NEC Electronics, Inc "PowerVR" 3D graphics hardware group
Staff Technical Applications Engineer

Responsible for evangelism and technical support of developers working on 3D games for the PowerVR consumer PC 3D acceleration hardware and the SEGA Dreamcast game console..  Did extensive on-site work with developers 3D engine source code doing debugging, improving 3D engine performance and producing DLL "plug-ins" or other special code to support PowerVR. Worked successfully on over 100 products from more than 50 different companies.  Also responsible for  technological specification/oversight, product development and schedule of  new 3D chips in development for NEC.  Acting as technical liaison to PowerVR silicon designer Videologic in England and technical liaison to 3d related project groups (Direct X, Fahrenheit) at Microsoft.  The job also involves preparation of technical documents, speaking at technical conferences, doing market evaluations for existing/new products and a great deal of travel.   Do you want to know more?

1990-1997: Virtual World Entertainment Group (VWE) / FASA Interactive
Chief Software Engineer / Project Technical Director

Started as a consultant, then joined full-time when VWE was a start-up company.   They produced Location Based Entertainment (LBE) centers using cockpit-based virtual reality multiplayer simulation games.  Initially, the job was completely re-engineering their extremely buggy prototype hardware/software system into a reliable full-production version.  The cockpits were very complex with 100 functional controls, 7 TV monitors and network connections to other cockpits on site or in other cities.  Initially, was the only software engineer working with one artist and several electronics engineers.  More people were added over time once the first systems had been successfully installed in Chicago and Japan.  This was very much a team effort and I helped to develop a large amount of innovative and leading edge software and hardware technology.  The VWE Battletech and Red Planet games are some of the smoothest and best playing multiplayer games around, even compared to today's games, as a result of this technology.  Was  involved in almost every aspect of the business including game design, software production, planning/building of LBE sites, design of the LBE hardware, quality control, internetworking of sites and helping to stage various media events.  Also acted as Project Technical Director during the early stages of developing the MechWarrior III home PC game.  Do you want to know more?

1988-1989: Digital Interface Systems, Inc.
Engineering Specialist

Hardware/software design and implementation of systems for factory automation, industrial control and data collection.  These projects involved control of heavy equipment and development of user interfaces.  Systems were all high reliability/high availability as they were used in environments where failures could cost millions and be life threatening.  Responsibilities included developing plans/libraries for re-use of software and engineering solutions on future projects, bill of materials generation, system installation, project management and specification of hardware up to around 2 million dollars.  Projects included assembly line control systems, truck loading for an oil refinery, parts warehouse inventory control systems and portions of the man-machine interface for the IN/Tech Steel mill in Indiana.

1982-Current: Kangaroo Koncepts, Inc
Consultant / President / Owner-Operator

Having done various kinds of consulting work since 1975, in 1982 I incorporated under the name Kangaroo Koncepts, Inc to provide a more recognizable name for products I'd developed and services I was providing.  Offered services and software in the areas of telecommunications, computer bulletin boards, product design/review, on-line multiplayer games and user interfaces to make these products fast and easy for typical consumers.  Best known projects were "The Connection" gaming/on-line service and A-Maze-ing, to the best of my knowledge the first commercial 3D, multiplayer, on-line "first person shooter" game in the world.  See the projects section for complete information on work done both before and after forming Kangaroo Koncepts.   Clients included McGraw Hill Publishing Co., General Electric, CompuServe, Crowe Chizek (major accounting/consulting firm) and a number of local concerns. 

1979-1982: Carleton Financial Computations
Systems Analyst

Designed and programmed systems used to clean computer databases and produce professionally typeset books from them.  These included membership directories for professional organizations, film catalogs and illustrated parts books (IPBs).   Introduced & programmed cross platform distributed microprocessor based editing stations at this company and acted as technological advisor to one of the companies founders. 

Various Times prior to 1980: Commercial radio/television production
WSBT, WNIT, WLFI, WJVA, WVRH and others.

Worked as director, technical director, floor director, video/audio engineer, video editor, studio camera operator, disk jockey, radio news announcer, programming automated radio stations, script writing and feature production. 

Work Related Skills

Computer Skills

Includes a wide variety of assembly languages and high-level languages, the most frequently used being C++, C and Fortran but with a background in over a dozen others.   Have used just about every major brand of mainframe, mini and PC computer at one time or another under a wide variety of operating systems including real-time ones and Windows 98.  Extensive experience in 3D graphics, networking and telecommunications.   Have been writing multi-user applications including games since 1975, beginning on the CDC Plato system.  Have also written CAI (computer aided instruction) programs on Plato.  Have particular experience in developing non-intimidating, easy-to-learn user interfaces to computer systems intended for use by the general public.

Other Skills

Have worked with and studied Head Mounted Display systems and am thoroughly familiar with their operation as well as the physical and psychological factors involved in their use.  Also have experience with collimated infinity optics systems of the type used in flight simulators.  This work includes extensive background on how to produce false cues that give the impression of motion, size or speed as well as how to avoid the type of cues that cause simulator sickness or nausea in some people.

Have extensive systems troubleshooting experience and am well known as someone who is able to do this calmly, quickly and effectively even in high-stress or emergency situations.  Also have very well developed social skills and am very good at acting as liaison between technical and non-technical groups such as artists, computer programmers, managers and the general public.

Operation of video production equipment of all kinds (broadcast and ENG), basic electrical/mechanical engineering training, can read electronic schematics, good understanding of computer hardware architectures.  Photographer, including developing/printing of color and B&W pictures. 


Independent Study 1975-current: I spend a considerable amount of time studying various aspects of computers, user interfaces and the internet.  I have also devoted time to studying system and product design of all kinds with particular emphasis on consumer, military, general aviation related and other extremely complex systems.   This provides a valuable understanding of how good systems are engineered, what has historically been the downfall of many systems and the psychological factors that sometimes cause good systems to be rejected in favor of less capable ones.  Other areas of study have include psychology, industrial design, film/TV production (including special effects), history and general science.

Purdue University 1975-1979:  I studied in the newly formed interdisciplinary engineering department.  The curriculum stressed an understanding of computer electronics and engineering combined with extensive programming of applications in several languages.

High School: Standard High School education with some advanced placement courses in math and the sciences.  Also taught computer programming in IBM Basic to an advanced placement math class my last year there.


I have traveled extensively in the US and UK.  Very good at making travel arrangements, even at the last minute.  Familiar with the local customs of the UK and Japan.  Am able to work effectively at customer locations even where the environment is relatively hostile (ie: factories or heavy industrial locations) Do you want to know more?

Publications & Lectures

I have been published in BYTE magazine and have delivered lectures at  industry conferences including the last two Game Developers Conferences.  I'm an effective speaker and have received very positive reviews of all my public presentations. Do you want to know more?

Trade Shows Regularly Attended

I attend a great many trade shows for my employers and make regular reports on product trends, technologies and other things I see there. My employers have always been extremely pleased at the depth and quality of these reports. On many occasions I was the only one from the company to attend one of these events and report back.  Click here for a list.


Appropriate personal and professional references can be made available by private E-Mail on request.  These include past employers, colleagues and other people in the industry familiar with my work.