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This is just starting, so it's a bit bare right now.  Check back every now and then as I'll be adding links to lots of great Science Fiction and Comedy and business related books you may not have heard of.  To buy a book, click on the buy-it link, this will take you to the book's page on where you can read even more about the book and order it if you like.  If you don't see a specific book you want, there a link at the bottom of the page where you can search for any book title you like. 

coverSkunk Works, By Ben Rich and Leo Janos

This book contains the history of the Lockheed Skunk Works aircraft research and development labs.  These are the people that brought us the F-117 Stealth fighter, U-2 spy plane and the legendary SR-71 designed to go over 3 times the speed of sound, built in the 1960's and STILL the world's fastest airplane.

This book is a great read and a MUST for anyone doing high-tech research and development.  It lays out a number of the principals that allowed the Skunk Works to produce amazing technology that was far ahead of it's time AND produce it on time and on a budget.  Many of the lessons learned at the Skunk Works can be applied to virtually any research and development organization.  If computer game companies followed some of these rules, you might actually start seeing games come out on time!  buy-it

coverThe Dilbert Principle, By Scott Adams

Scott Adams first book takes a merciless hack at all the traditional stupidity found in big business (and small business) today.  This contains a ton of excellent advice on how to run a business....well, actually how NOT to run a business.  It also has a huge number of hilarious stories sent in from employees of high-tech companies nationwide that show just how out of touch some of our businesses are with what their employees are up to, and what the company is all about.  This is essential reading for managers, employees in high-tech businesses and anyone who enjoys a good laugh.  buy-it

coverThe Dilbert Future, By Scott Adams

In this book Scott Adams takes us on a journey into the future where he describes why the future will not be like Star Trek, his theorys on how gravity works and what business and the internet will be like in the future.  Overall, a hilarious read for people into the Dilbert philosophy of how the universe works.  buy-it



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