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This is just starting, so it's a bit bare right now.  Check back every now and then as I'll be adding links to lots of great Science Fiction and Comedy and business related movies you may not have heard of.  To buy a movie, click on the buy-it link, this will take you to the movie's page on where you can read even more about it and order it if you like.  If you don't see a specific book you want, there a link at the bottom of the page where you can search for any book title you like. 

coverArsenic and Old Lace

Probably one of the best of the "Screwball Comedies" filmed in the 1940's.  This movie features Cary Grant as Mortimer Brewster a reasonably normal guy about to go on his honeymoon when he discovers his two kindly old aunts have developed a hobby of poisoning lonely old men with elderberry wine to put them out of their misery.  The comedy quickly builds to a frantic pace when Mortimer's sadistic mass murderer brother Jonathan (Raymond Massey) and his plastic surgeon accomplice Dr. Einstein (Peter Lorre) shows up at house with a dead body of their own.  Before long, everyone in the film is trying to hide something from someone with bodies appearing and disappearing all over the house!  This is bizarre craziness at it's best, I guarantee you'll never stop laughing once this movie gets rolling.  Peter No blood, no gore, but one heck of a funny film!  buy-it (Black & white VHS) or buy-it (colorized VHS)

cover His Girl Friday

Another truly amazing Screwball Comedy with Rosalind Russell playing Hildy Johnson, a fast talking "just one of the guys" newspaper reporter who's decided to marry a life insurance salesman and quit the newspaper business.  But Walter Burns (Cary Grant) her demonic editor, doesn't want to lose his star reporter (and ex-wife) and cooks up a plan to get her to do one last interview with with a little nebbish convicted of killing a policeman who the mayor is trying to have executed to help him buy votes in an election.  Before you know it the press room of the Criminal Courts Building has become ground zero for all the lunacy a jailbreak, a shooting, an impromptu suicide, a corrupt city administration, and the most Machiavellian "hero" in the American cinema can supply.  This comedy is acted at a breakneck pace, it's a wonder the cast didn't all hyperventilate as they delivered their rapid-fire lines with such speed it could put a professional auctioneer to shame.  buy-it (VHS)

coverArmy of Darkness

This one's a bit different, it's a horror-comedy by director Sam Rami (Hercules: The Legendary Journeys) staring Bruce Campbell (who plays the king of theves on Hercules).  Campbell plays Ash, a hardware store clerk who is magically transported back into the brutal battlefields of the 14th century complete with shotgun, his beat-up Oldsmobile and a chainsaw attachment that takes the place of his missing left hand.  With a few well placed lines ("I am a wizard and this is my BOOM STICK!") he unites a band of medieval knights against the armies of the dead.  This movie is half horror, half comedy and a lot of fun to watch including scenes where Bruce gets to fight himself, then later, a whole bunch of miniature copies of himself.  buy-it (VHS) or buy-it (DVD)


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