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Come back often, links being added frequently.

Location Based Entertainment Sites

Virtual World Entertainment
Battletech (giant robots) and Red Planet (high-speed racing) games.  I worked here 7 years as chief software engineer and helped develop these games and hardware.  For more information see my site too.
Silicon Motor Speedway
Official NASCAR car racing simulators.
Treasure Island
A casino in Las Vegas with one of the best outdoor shows I've seen.  A complete sea-battle with huge explosions, fire and a sinking ship.  I know the guy who plays the British ship captain who goes down (and later comes back up) with the ship in the show.  There's a video of the show on this site.
Sony's LBE and shopping site in San Francisco.  Features many tech stores, restaurants, several attractions for children, movie and 3D IMAX theatres and a variety of unique computer games.
Atlantis Cyberspace    NEW
Specializing in LBE using head mounted displays (VR goggles) they operate out of beautiful Hawaii.  Their site also hosted a very large LBE product/site guide which no longer being updated.

Research and Development

Sony Computer Entertainment America R&D
This is the Sony lab where I work, this lab is primarily concerned with researching technologies for use in Playstation II and beyond.
Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency
This is the government agency that hands out R&D grants for military and other defense related research.  They were the ones that funded ARPANET which later became the Internet.  Everything from guns to walking machines to micro-size flying machines.
Human Interface Technology Laboratory
Also known as the HIT lab, they have put together various haptic (force feedback) user interfaces and are the developers of a graphics display technology that paints images directly onto your retina using colored lasers.
The Skunk Works
Considered probably the best Aviation R&D group in US history, developers of the U2 and the SR-71 mach 3.5 spyplanes as well as the stealth fighter.  Their "rules of operation" are worthwhile reading for ANYONE working in any R&D field.
Microsoft Research
The research arm of the Microsoft company, tells something about all the advanced computer technology research projects they have going on.

Console Game Machines

Makers of the Playstation and Playstation 2 game consoles.  I work for these guys in the Research & Development department.
Makers of the Dreamcast game console.  I worked for these guys indirectly through NEC who produces their PowerVR graphics chip.
Makers of the NES, Super NES, N64 and game boy.  They have a new console called "Game Cube" scheduled to release this year.
Microsoft XBOX
The newest entry into the console arena, this one by Microsoft.

Computer Related Magazines and News

Techno-news for nerds reported, moderated and updated directly from people in the computer industry.
Pretty good technical news coverage, techno-gadget reports and other stories related to the high-tech world.  This is the on-line version of the newstand magazine by the same name.
Sharky Extreme
Very early and up-to-the-minute coverage of computer hardware news.  Has a lot of low level benchmarks on motherboards, 3d graphics cards and the like.
Toms Hardware Page
Similar to Sharky Extreme, lots of up-to-date technical coverage and hardware guides.
Cnet Central
Computer news magazine with occasional good articles pitched to people with more average technical skills.  Also has a good computer hardware/software shopping system to help you find the best prices and reviews for things you want to buy.
Another news site operated by the Cnet group, mostly up-to-date news articles on various subjects, but no lengthy features like Cnet.
Covers a lot of ground, has news, articles, reviews and other material culled from all the Ziff-Davis empire of magazines.  Also has a good archive of shareware/freeware for PC and Mac.

General Magazines and News

The web pages for the CNN, CNN headline news and other Cable News Network related publications.
The news channel formed by NBC and Microsoft.

Financial & Banking

Motley Fool
Financial & stock investment advice with a sense of humor.
Discover Card
If you have a Discover credit card, you can get on-line access to your account here.  They can also send mail to you when your new statement is ready, when your account is close to it's due date, and when your payment check arrives and is credited.  They also have an online system to pay electronically through your checking account.
American Express
Home of the American Express credit card, and their new "blue" card.
An on-line stock trading and investment service
A major international bank, has one of the best and easiest to use on-line banking systems I've seen.
Bank of America
A national bank, their online banking systems are good, but it takes them several days to a week to setup a new on-line payee.
Wells Fargo
A national bank, they have online banking but I have not used it.
Chase Manhattan Bank
A national bank, their online banking system is also very good.  Their bill-payment page is one of the fastest with all your payee's listed on one page they let you make payments to multiple payees by filling in the amounts on this one screen.
First Source Bank
A local (South Bend, Indiana) bank that has good certificate of deposit rates compared to most national banks.  You can open CD's with them by mail.


One of the best weather super-sites I've seen with all kinds of local, national and international weather forecasting data.  They have a huge library of links to weather and weather research sites all over the net including a large list of webcams where you can see what the weather looks like in a lot of different cities.
GOES Project
The GOES satellites are what takes the weather pictures you see on the evening news.  This page has a lot of background on them, how they work and where you can go on the web to get live pictures from them.  The science lingo is a bit thick, but the pictures and movies are very nice.  This is a supersite that links to a large number of weather satellite related places.
This is the supersite for the Emergency Managers Weather Information Network.  This network can be accessed by web page, internet push or pull feeds, broadcast radio or direct satellite reception.  It gives a low bandwidth (9600 baud) continuous feed of weather data including all watches and warnings.  It is intended for anyone who needs plan for or monitor emergency situations that could be caused by the weather.
National Weather Service site for weather information, particularly watches and warnings.
Automated Weather Source
They maintain a network of weather stations all over the US that return real-time weather data.  Most major cities are covered by a number of stations so you can see weather moving through the area by watching real-time temperature, wind and rain-gauge information.
Alden Electronics, Inc.
They sell systems that directly receive data and pictures from weather satellites.

Misc Cool Stuff

This site contains a bunch of interesting science items including a very large tesla coil and some fusion power stuff.  They also have interesting cartoons, engineering humor, game design tips, general science stuff and a nice links page to some far-out science much of which involves high-voltage electricity.  They used to have a "weaponry" page that included a homebuilt railgun, but this was taken down in their latest remodeling.
Tesla Coil Ring
A web ring full of Tesla coil and other high-voltage electricity sites.  Be aware this stuff is DANGEROUS but very cool.  These sites have a lot of great pictures of some truly huge Tesla coils in operation, and they have software and plans to help you design your own coils.
George Gobel (GHG) Home Page    NEW
George was one of the people who introduced me to the Arpanet and real-time graphics computer games when I got to Purdue in 1975.  His chief claim to fame on the internet seems to be his method for quick starting a charcoal bar-b-q using <yikes> liquid oxygen.  He has pictures and movies of this on his site.

Friends and Family

A Cave of Candles    NEW
My mother put together this amazingly detailed history of the University of Notre Dame.  She did a huge amount of research putting this site together which contains a lot of information that even University old-timers had forgotten.  Some good personal stories and legends here too!
Greg Jurrens    NEW
The guy that hired me into NEC, and my boss for part of the time I was there.  He's a generally fun guy and very active in Amateur (HAM) Radio and involved in the setup and operation of a major radio repeater network in Texas.