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Papers and Presentations

Game Developers Conference

The Game Developers Conference is a yearly event for programmers, artists, producers and other people in the computer game industry.  For more information on this conference take a look at their website here.

Virtual Worlds, Lessons from the Bleeding Edge of Multiplayer Gaming
My 6 hour tutorial from GDC 2001 covers a lot of background regarding how the Virtual World Entertainment sites/software were developed.  Without narration it probably lacks something, but should still be interesting and contains some useful techniques for shortening debugging time on complex systems.  This is coming from the Sony R&D web site which contains other GDC papers as well.
Dealing With Large 3D Worlds PowerPoint Slides
This one houre lecture I gave at GDC 1999 gives an introduction to techniques used for managing large 3D worlds, focusing largely on indoor worlds. Contains Some Large Images
Dealing With Large 3D Worlds Paper
This is the accompanying paper for the GDC 1999 presentation.  It covers some additional techniques and gives overall more details on some of the things in the PowerPoint presentation above.

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