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Greetings!  I'm Greg Corson, also known as Milo Mindbender, welcome to my home page.  I have over 25 years of diverse experience in computers, entertainment and product design, not to mention a taste for really offbeat science fiction, comedy and philosophy.    You've probably never heard of a Nexialist before, but you might be one!  I'm not a web wizard or an artist, so don't expect to be wowed by the appearance of this site, but I think you'll find the content interesting.

If you've played BattleTech or Red Planet at a Virtual World Entertainment location then you've already seen what I consider some of my best work.  I was Chief Software Engineer for 7 years during the entire development of this project.  For more information, check out the Location Based Entertainment section below.

What's New!
New stuff on the website as of 5/20/2001
Location Based Entertainment NEW
Also known as "out of home entertainment" and "interactive multiplayer entertainment centers".  Basically places where you can go with your friends to experience simulation and other games far cooler than anything you could possibly afford to have at home.  Gamers, check it out, this is really cool stuff...
Papers & Presentations  NEW
Various presentations I've given and technical papers I've written (the GDC paper is here).
General Information
A frequently asked questions file including some background on me, Milo, Kangaroo Koncepts and this site.
Business & Employment
Need an expert Nexialist, computer programmer, designer and futurist with over 25 years experience on a consulting or employment basis?  Look here for more information.
Useful information, humor, science, technology, weird stuff and all sorts of other things, a real research & information grab-bag.

Contact Info

In case you need to get hold of me, below are my current E-Mail contact locations.
Greg_Corson@playstation.sony.com    Sony Business 
Greg_Corson@acm.org                        Personal Mail 
gregcorson@home.com                        Back-up E-Mail if the ACM one fails

----below this point everything works, but hasn't been updated yet----
----updates coming soon!----

Books, Movies and other Stuff I Recommend!

I've always been a heavy reader and big movie fan, particularly science fiction, comedy and wildly offbeat stuff.  If you are into these kinds of books and movies, you are bound to find a lot of things in here that you've never heard of before, and probably will like!  I've also arranged things so you can purchase many of these items from Amazon.com at great discounts!  Be patient, this area is just starting and will grow over the next few weeks.


Nexialist News

You've probably never heard of a Nexialist before, but you may be one!  Read on to find out what a Nexialist is and how the principals of Nexialism can be applied to research, development and everyday product design.  If you are involved in any of these areas, particularly computer and computer game related software development, I guarantee you will find things here that will interest you.

I've never heard of a Nexialist, what's that?
What's Nexialist News all about?  
Product Reviews and Analysis

In Association with Amazon.com you can purchase the books, movies and music I recommend at great discounts!  Clicking on any of my buy-it links will take you to their site which handles all the payment, shipping and customer service for items purchased here.