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Public Lectures & Published Papers

Byte Magazine, McGraw Hill Publishing Company
Published my product review of the ALTOS 8086 based UNIX computer system.

Game Developers Conference, 98 "Getting the most out of 3d accelerators"
This paper and lecture covered techniques that could be used to get more performance or better visual quality out of PC 3D hardware. This included techniques for high quality off-line lighting, ways to generate realistic smoke and fire, performance tuning methods and ways to maintain steady frame rate without occasional jitter.

Austin Regional Game Developers Conference, 98 "Hardware Roundtable"
Represented NEC/PowerVR on the roundtable which consisted mainly of people from other 3D hardware manufacturers.  We answered questions from an audience of developers and discussed the future of 3D hardware and games.

Game Developers Conference, 99 "Dealing With Large 3d Worlds"
This paper and lecture covered ways to handle large, complex 3d worlds. This involved methods for maintaining databases too large to fit in memory at one time and for loading them in pieces during the game's "background time" without causing pauses in the rendering.

Game Developers Conference, 2000 "Consoles vs PC vs Location Based Entertainment Roundtable"
Chaired two roundtable discussions where people traded ideas and experiences from their work developing on these three diverse platforms that could be of use to their peers making the transition from one platform to another.

Game Developers Conference, 2001 "Lessons From the Bleeding Edge of Multiplayer Gaming"
Presented (with Dave McCoy) many of the game design, art and coding lessons we learned while developing the Virtual World Entertainment multiplayer gaming system.

I have also done numerous less-formal presentations to both large and small groups, both technical presentations and ones targeted at the general public.

At various times I've acted as a disk jockey, newsreader and produced audio and video tape presentations using professional broadcast editing equipment.