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Who's this "Milo Mindbender" guy?

Everyone wants to know where that pseudonym came from.   Well, when I first went to Purdue University I was having a great deal of trouble using either "greg", "corson" or "greg corson" as an account name on the computers there.  It seemed like every sensible variation of my real name was already taken several times over.  Not wanting to be something silly like "greg26" pseudonym was called for.  Also, at that time (1975) the CB radio craze was at it's height, I was a DJ on the dorm radio station and I was getting heavily into multi-player games on the CDC Plato system and the various bulletin boards and notefiles there.  For all these things, a pseudonym was a must!

At the time I was reading Joseph Heller's "Catch 22" and had also become a big fan of the Firesign Theatre comedy group.  The name Milo Mindbender was a conglomeration of a character from Catch 22 named Milo Minderbinder and a Firesign character called Nino D. Mindbender.  So there you are!

For some strange reason, I was able to get the account name "milo" on every computer system I had access to (just not very common I guess) and even in later years on the web, falling back to Milo_Mindbender as an account name usually works much better than Greg_Corson.

So that's the story, now aren't you sorry you asked?

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