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Who's Greg Corson?

Ok, so this is one of those deep philosophical questions...if you think what I've written here is lame, I suggest you try writing one of these things about yourself.

...It's ok...I'll wait...

Not so easy, is it?

I was born in South Bend, Indiana on June 24, 1957 which happens to be less than 4 months before the Russian launching of Sputnik officially kicked off the "Space Race" on October 4.  I grew up in that era when every space flight was a landmark event and was covered in detail on every single TV station.  Quite a change from today, when a space shuttle launch is given about as much coverage as a Greyhound Bus leaving Chicago.  Space flight was everywhere in those days, and everything was a first, it was a time when something new and amazing seemed to be happening in space almost every time you turned around.

The other thing that was cool about living back then was that the lawyers hadn't gotten to the toy companies there were all kind of cool toys out there like BB guns, dart guns (with the real hard plastic darts) and all manner of toys that used big springs to launch rockets or other projectiles of all kinds.  You could even get those cheap tin-toys that looked like they were stamped out of old beer cans, complete with razor sharp edges, little flint wheels that made toy "ray guns" spit sparks, and other dangerous stuff.  In short, back then you had to be at least passably smart to survive being a kid, cause all the toys were a lot more dangerous than they are these days.

This was also commonly called the "golden age" for science fiction, when some of the great classics of science fiction literature were written.  It seemed like writers were looking a lot further into the future back then, and real-life technology wasn't catching up to their works quite as quickly as it is today.  It was also a time before the "post apocalyptic" science fiction genre got started.   Back then, most science fiction book and movie writers were dealing with futures that were troubled, but hopeful.  Not horrific as in some of today's scifi where huge wars and breakdowns of civilization seem almost common.

I think eventually, a combination of science fiction and the space program is what got me interested in computers.  I started writing games and other programs around 1974 when I was still in high-school on an brand new room-filling IBM 360 the University of Notre Dame had just installed and were kind enough to let me use.  A little time doing that and I was hooked.  I've been doing various kinds of computer applications and games ever since.  I've written software for a wide variety of applications including 2D and 3D graphics, publishing, databases, factory automation, single/multi-player games, computer aided education, simulation, communications and other areas.  See my resume and projects list for more info on this.

I'd have to say that my primary interests are creating new products and creating games.   I particularly like games that have a social element, that bring people together in some way to both compete and just socialize.

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